MSU Praise Report
                                        by Tammy Edwards

I was so glad to attend and be a part of the
first Origin Summit at MSU this past Saturday.
It was good to see all the faces of the many
people behind all the preparation for the
event - everyone from the speakers, their
spouses, and all who represented campus
groups and creation ministries from the area!

The facilities were excellent and were located across the street from
free parking in the covered parking garage.  There were about 100 in
attendance and included campus groups of YEC, OEC, evolutionists,
Darwinists, and biology students riding the fence.  There were also
pastors, families, professors from MSU and other universities as well
as creationists who traveled as far as Ohio to attend the event.

My son who is a MSU student stuck around after the event and sat with
each student group that was present in the auditorium for the panel Q
& A and asked each group which seminar they attended and their opinion
of the speakers, the topics, and the event.  He got a range of feedback.
Some loved it, some thought it was quality even though they disagreed
with some of the evidence, most didn't feel swayed if they did disagree,
some felt respected even though they had a different opinion, some felt
attacked and disrespected.  Other attendees on the premises were jour-
nalist, interviewers, Channel 6 local news, and the police.  The police
were just stopping by to make sure everything was civil and well.
It was -- it was a very respectful environment.

The speakers felt there were many creationists in the audience coming
out to build their faith and lend their support.  It is good to have their
support and to make the numbers grow, but one of the speakers said
that they want to do more than "preach to the choir".  I could tell that
there were indeed many creationists from all the head nodding in agree-
ment that was going on when various points and slides were shared.
However, my son discovered many of the students were from the
other camps I mentioned.

The speakers made use of the technology on hand - their power point
presentations and microphones worked wonderfully.  Their audiences
asked respectful questions and came back after the lunch break.  In
my opinion, the speakers were perfectly prepared and delivered their
well planned topics flawlessly.

The attendees were very surprised about their free welcome packets
which included a nice program telling about each topic and speaker,
a free colorful book from Bruce Malone which highlighted scientific
evidence (Censored Science) and one to three popular creation sci-
ence DVDs.  In addition, the raffle tickets were given to each at-
tendee at each seminar for the free iPad.  Everyone was so excited
about the hope of winning.  The student who won seemed shocked
elated and grateful - Michael Wiser was his name!

One of the attendees, a business professor from Oakland University,
was taking pictures of the slides and sending them to her Christian
students.  She was so excited about this event and was surprised
that it was taking place on a public university campus.  She is going
to flood MSU with thank yous from her realm of influence in hopes
that MSU will be glad they supported free speech, despite all the
flack they got, in hopes that her praise will pave the way for other
Christian groups to have seminars on campus.

Overall, it was a very quality event.  You could feel the presence of
the Lord there all day.  Well done to everyone who had a part!  May
the Kingdom be forever changed as people are added to it because
of this Summit!  To God be all the Glory!!!!

Mistakes   @  Michigan State
                                                                             by Mike Smith

Though East Central University is a very small school, with a
student body of just 6102, we packed their auditorium on October
9th, 2013, featuring Dr. Charles Jackson as guest speaker. Yet, at
Michigan State (a major university with over 50,000 students), all
we could draw was a small crowd of about 100.  And yes, we were
shocked, to say the least.  Given the size of the school, and all
the advertising that had been done to promote the event, we
expected alot more, a much larger crowd.  So why the contrast?
Why was there such an enormous difference between the ECU
event and the MSU event?  I've been seeking the Lord, asking
this question, and I think He's shown me the answer . . . .

         1. With eight workshops and two addresses (opening & closing),
            the Michigan State event was a veritable smorgasbord of
            Creation evidence, which was part of the problem. You don't
            serve a ten course meal to those that aren't that hungry or
            aren't that interested.  Didn't say they weren't interested.
            It's just that they weren't THAT interested - Not enough to
            spend an entire day sitting through lectures.  You don't give
            a ten course meal to someone when all they're wanting is a
            light snack. 

         2. Saturday was the wrong day.  Had the event been designed
            for avid creationists, it would've been great!  As creationists,
            there's nothing more we'd rather do with our weekend than
            to sit through a bunch of lectures on the subject.  However,
            when you're a college student, and when you've been sitting
            through lectures all week long, the last thing you wanna do
            with your Saturday is sit through more lectures.  That, plus
            the fact that the campus becomes a virtual ghost town on
            the weekends.  That's when the students (many of 'em)
            return home, back to Mom and Dad's.

         3. Being held on a Wednesday & Thursday, the ECU event was
            co-hosted by Trinity Baptist Church, which means there was
            already an interested group of people near that campus, an
            excited group that was ready & willing to support the event
            with their dollars and attendance.

MSU's low attendance is no reason to quit or throw in the towel.
Rather, it's cause to regroup, refocus and to renew our efforts.
By God's grace, mighty victories lie just ahead.  There's evidence
to be shared, lies to be exposed, and students to be won as we
take this message to the secular world confronting evolution
where it thrives the most.